Why I’m Here Poem

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We are all here searching for what our life is oppose to be.

We have this beautiful purpose,

A purpose unlike no other,

Through our abilities,

We keep searching for the path,

The path we want and desire,

It is not without trials,

We find why we are here,

Through the light,

And through the darkness,

We will find out,

Why we are here,

It will be difficult,

But it will be rewarding,

Because we know why we are here,

And there is nothing that can stop us.

Finding the absolute purpose of my life.

Just as important with finding what we are meant to do, we must know our purpose to why we are here and what kind of an impact we can have for this world. We often go through struggling in life trying to seek what appears to be what we want, but in reality is often not the case or in our favor. Whatever life calls upon you, seek it for all your efforts because one of the most rewarding things about life is finding why we are here in the first place.

We live in this beautiful world for a core purpose that can shine a gleamer of light forms our potential lives. With that being said, our faith can be created when we question ourselves in why we’re here in this world by evaluating where we are. Keep the faith and acknowledge to your self that you have a destiny that is worth for filling no matter what people say. Learn to understand people will question your actions, but it’s completely normal. What’s more important in your life is finding yourself and knowing what’s possible for your amazing life.

Seek the purpose. Find what is possible. Capture it for all you can.

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