Own The Moment Poem

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Take advantage of life’s opportunities and seize control of the future you want.

When our goal is in sight,

There is something that emerges,

Our goal is in sight,

But our moment is too,

There are times we may falter,

But we must keep pushing through,

Our lives depend on it,

The moment comes from within,

Within all the efforts we do,

It is our time,

Our life and destiny has arrived,

There is no holding us back,

But ourselves,

We must own the moment,

Leave everything else behind,

Take control,

And own the moment.

Don’t ever quit to own your moment. You deserve it.

When we arrive to our goal, there’s a lot of self-pressure that can be put forth into ourselves when we’re inches aways of accomplishing something we’ve worked so hard on. Although times are challenging, we must ignore the temptation of being distracted and keep pressing on towards our goals. Without a doubt, we’re in control of how the distractions in our lives can ultimately affect our progress within each of our goals. We must own the moment and take advantage of it while it’s in our lives because we may never have another opportunity for it again!

There may be a lot of things you may be dealing with in life that’s restricting your performance to have a clear mind. We all have issues whether it’s daily life, relationship problems, financial burdens, or it may be a problem you’re dealing within your workplace. Understand your life is going to have struggles, but realize you have the ultimate ability to seize life at its fullest potential so you can live an abundant life.

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Stay well, stay productive, and stay focused on your goals my friends.

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