Why Is Eric Thomas Successful?

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Eric Thomas has shattered all critics and naysayers with his accomplishments, determination, and his relentless attitude.

Eric Thomas is a self made, successful, and motivated to complete his dreams despite facing numerous tribulations. Dealing with life, Eric has dealt with obstacles in his life from being homeless, to being a inspiration. However, what makes Eric or what many call him the ethical hip hop preacher so successful? Well, there are a few key attributes that I’ve found over the years watching him on his YouTube channel. With that being said, let’s check out what makes Eric an amazing person.

Eric Thomas Puts His Heart Into Everything

Eric puts his heart into everything he does as it transpires into his daily life as well. Despite Eric’s circumstances, what amazes me the most is that he’s relentless in all his efforts of inspiring viewers worldwide. Furthermore, his work ethic can make us evaluate our lives and make it better by influencing ourselves. We can all learn from Eric and his ability to move people with his incredible passion to inspire the world.

Eric Thomas Has Tremendous Focus

While focusing on our lives, we need to take control of it and let go of anything that’s unnecessary. There’s a lot of distractions that can hamper our ability for ourselves and drain our energy if we allow it. Another critical attribute Eric Thomas has is his point of focus from what he describes on his YouTube videos. Each of Eric’s videos have a meaning behind them and it allows us to understand how we can change in our lives. What are you focus on each and everyday? Is it helping you to accomplish your goals? These are the questions we should ask ourselves on a daily basis to never forget about what we do each day to accomplish all that we desire.


Eric not only puts forth all his efforts into everything he does, he is dedicated to his craft. Dedication in anything we do in our lives is an important aspect of improving our effectiveness. If we do not have dedication, inconsistency begins to lurk in our lives and then we become too distracted of not accomplishing our goals and dreams. Eric seems to crush all his goals with being dedicated of putting consistent efforts each day to get to the eventual outcome.

Never Gives up

I personally think Eric is more than just inspiring, he’s a role model to both young and old generations. An element of what makes Eric stand out from the masses is he doesn’t give up on anything. When it took him 12 years to get a degree, most people wouldn’t ever continuously attempting to pursue college. After every failed college test, Eric never gave up or decided to move past his challenges. Instead, he embraced his failures and moved on with accomplishing his college degree and eventually earning his PhD too.

With the qualities of never giving up, being dedicated, and staying focus on his goals, Eric Thomas is unstoppable. Furthermore, when we see a person like Eric striving for achievement, we can become greater people too. In this lifetime, what are you doing on a daily basis to become a better individual? Evaluate what you’re doing and if you find that you’re wasting time on a specific part of your day, change it and make it productive for you so you can accomplish your goals and dreams.

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The man does what he can with what he has in his life. What he has in life is just the beginning if he puts forth effort each day on himself. That is the key to a abundant life.

Have an inspiring and productive day!

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