Motivation Poem: Learn To Live Your Life

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We have to learn to be comfortable towards creating the life we want to have.

Learn to live,
The life you imagined,
Take the time,
Look into it,
Through your heart,
See it,
Feel it,
Be grateful of it
Seek the path,
That you were meant to go,
That life,
Is yours and no one else,
Can take that away,
From you,
It’s your life,
Live the life you want to have,
It’s yours,
Take it and run with it,
And live your beautiful life.

Live life to its highest of experiences and don’t let anyone stop you.

We all live in this world filled with people doing what they love and enjoying every single day of their lives. The question is, why can’t we live life the way want as well? We are all here designed to for fill a purpose and also discover what our lives are meant to be and through our own interests and ambitions, we can achieve the life that we’ve always imagined. To enjoy life on your terms, you can embark in a unique experience that is very satisfying. People often aren’t living a meaningful life, but that doesn’t have to be you.

A great video by Your World Within, talks about living your life and dream while dealing with setbacks along the way to your success.

You might have people in your life that decided to take the easier route in living a typical life which is nothing wrong with that, but you’re only kidding yourself in not obtaining all that you deserve in this life. We should always seek for the things we want in our lives and go after them with all of efforts. By doing this, we can feel comfortable within our hearts that we’re living a unique experience that is both memorable and loving.

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