Avoiding Negative People Poem

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Avoiding negative people at all costs will allow us to be surrounded by quality people that encourage and help one another to succeed.

Let the people,

The words,

Of what they say,

Pass through you,

Like nothing happen,

For it is your mind,

That you can overcome,

A positive out look,

Gives you motivation,

To keep going,

Keep pushing,

Never looking back,

Since the negatives will come,

But your positives will give you,

To overcome all.

Dealing with negative people in our lives is not the easiest of things we must face and quite often, they simply drain the energy that we have within our busy schedules. Do you have any of these people that are in your life? If so, do they indeed stay negative and find every single way possible to continue their ways? If so, we should avoid these types of people at all costs because it only allows us to be dragged down to their level which is unproductive to our lives.

A very inspiring video from Actualized.Org which contains the voice of Les Brown, a motivational speaker. The topic discussed in the video talks about negative people.

We have to learn that no matter what, we have the power to control what goes through our thoughts. Yes, there may be times where we cannot avoid negative people psychically all the time. However, we have the ability to avoid negative people mentally in our minds by not allowing to succumb to their ways.

As we look long term in our future, we have to eventually drop the negative people out of our lives in order to have a positive and more inspiring life filled with productivity and accomplishment.

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