Famous People Who Succeeded Against All Odds

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These notable successful people had to deal with numerous challenges. However, they still made it to their eventual goal of accomplishing all that they wanted.

In the world we live in today, there have been famous people who have succeeded against all odds. Despite their past, they still made it towards their success. We can evaluate quite a few people who have shared their thoughts of achieving success and how us as individuals, can get through whatever obstacle we may be up against.

The path of our goals may be tough to deal with, but that hasn’t been a person ever that wasn’t unsure of the road they’ve taken to get to their eventual success. By evaluating these famous people below, we can gain a better understanding to why we’re simply not alone.

If these famous people could do it, we can do it too.

1. Bill Gates: Gates was a Harvard drop out who didn’t make any significant money until he launched Microsoft in the 1970’s. Most people would thought in the 1970’s if a person dropped out of college, they would have no future. However, Gates was far from that as he continuously grew Microsoft as one of leading global technology companies. While helping other small businesses, Gates would collaborate with Apple to grow tremendously in their developments internationally. He didn’t take the college drop out label of society to affect him or his dreams of building a multi billion dollar company and making a positive contribution to people’s lives.

2. Joann Jo Rowling: Joann faced numerous challenges of trying to get her books published for the world to see. Without her determination to continuously search for a publisher, she wouldn’t have a chance to be a successful author. When Joann got her break of getting Harry Potter published by Bloomsbury on June 30, 1997, the flood gates opened. Joann’s success would come soon after her first of many book releases of Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone.

There are even more famous people.

3. Stephen King: Stephen was yet another author that faced numerous rejections in his manuscripts before actually becoming successful. In fact, in his first novel that he developed called, “Carrie” he ended up throwing it in the trash until his wife told him to not quit on the novel he had developed. Fortunately for Stephen’s wife’s encouragement on his first novel to despite being rejected countless times, he continued searching until someone would accept his manuscript. From his first novel that started it all, Stephen would become an all-time best seller multiple times and now after hundreds of published books, is a legend in today’s book world.

Here are other notable famous people who succeeded against all odds with what they had to deal with in their lives. Enjoy!

Despite whatever rejection or difficultly we may have, we have the ability to overcome it because we are not only incredible individuals, but there have been many examples of famous people facing similar challenges and still became successful. Don’t let your problems be the outcome of your life, take life as it comes, and continue the game plan you’ve set for yourself to complete your goal.

Failure is a thing in the past,
Although many may differ,
There are ones who succeeded,
Despite what’s around us,
Success is everywhere,
When you see failure,
It’s a obstacle to be defeated,
We cannot allow what’s in front of us,
To be the defining factor of who we are,
We can all achieve success,
Everyone can do that.

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