The Success Behind Jim Rohn

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The success of Jim Rohn is mesmerizing as his life changed in one single event.

While many people don’t know, there are people in this world that have climb through the jaws of defeat. In addition, these people were able to transform their lives into making an incredible future for many people. Despite people doubting him in the beginning, Jim Rohn was able to be successful while helping others succeed.

Jim Rohn was born on September 17, 1930 in Yakima Washington, where his family earned a middle class salary. As Rohn grew older, he decided to attend college where he eventually ended up getting married within his time of attendance. Furthermore, he would have two daughters in the mix of his college attendance. Throughout his time in college, the stresses began to build with trying to support his family and two children while trying to complete school. Rohn would end up dropping out college a little bit after a year in college.

Challenges awaited for Jim Rohn.

As time had passed, Rohn faced a lot of pressure trying to support his family while working at low salary jobs in order survive with his wife and children. The turning point of his life came into a simple, but yet memorable event when a girl scout was visiting his neighbor hood while looking for possible customers to buy girl scout cookies. Eventually, the girl scout knocked on Jim’s door asking if he was interested in buying some of her cookies, but Rohn refused and told her that his family already had boughten some cookies before. However, this wasn’t exactly the case. Rohn’s family didn’t buy any cookies and the true reason was because his family simply couldn’t afford to buy any of them.

A life changing effect.

The point in which Rohn lied to the girl scout from buying cookies was a life changing event for him. Rohn knew at that moment he had to change his life for benefiting himself, but more importantly, his family too. What exactly did Rohn change in order to reach a life of being a entrepreneur, author, and motivational speaker? What made the difference in that significant event?

Rohn changed his mind and his outlook in life. He thought where he was in life was enough. However, his life was filled with so much more potential that he didn’t even realize. Being more mindful, Rohn would use the event in which he lied to the girl and he changed himself. By becoming more educated and investing in his mind, he would take advantage of life’s opportunities available to him. Throughout Rohn’s future as being a motivational speaker, he would use in many of his seminar’s and speeches that single event where he meet the girl scout and how he lied to her.

Being a inspiration to us all.

Rohn puts great emphasis on personal and self development in one of his many seminars he’s done throughout his outstanding career as a businessman. Here’s one of his seminars which he mentions the event of the girl scout.

Sometimes in life all we need is a single event that can change our lives forever which we can take as a positive sign to move forward from where we are in the present to make ourselves a better future. It was important for Rohn to experience a life event which he realized that it was time to move on from where he was. Since he knew that if he hadn’t change, it would be the greatest decision he ever would regret.

“Don’t wish it was easier wish you were better.”– Jim Rohn

You can change your life in one event if you decide to take responsibility for yourself. If you’re willing to accept the fact we all have the potential to be more successful, anything is possible.

Change your life,
With one event,
Accept the fact,
You can change,
A simple action,
That can make the world,
One difference at a time.

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