This Is My Story: Homeless To Happiness

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I haven’t gotten the opportunity lately to express myself as I’ve been writing different content throughout this year. While this week I was attending to write this weeks motivational blog post, I decided to instead write something personal. Obviously, I can’t write everything about my entire life in a blog post, but I hope express to you something deep. Even if it’s just a fraction of what I can tell you in my writings, I think it would be all worth it. I hope my challenges of being homeless can inspire anyone.

I came from a below middle class family which my mother raised myself and my brother over the course of many years. When I was younger, my father abandoned my family as he gotten addicted to drugs over time which at the time, it was shocking. My mother would never of thought he would end up doing that. Furthermore, my father committed adultery and then lied saying he never done such a thing. It was a shocking turn of events for me to deal with. As a child, I wouldn’t never expected that my father would do such wrongful acts. However, he did commit those wrongful acts and we had to move on and learn from the experience.

I wasn’t the only one that was homeless.

One thing I very much appreciated was my mother’s ability to take care of my brother and I. Throughout my childhood, there were tremendous obstacles along the way for us just trying to survive. I remember before my brother was born, my mother and I were temporarily homeless. Mother and I lived in our car for a few weeks as she was looking for a place to rent. Those were some hard days I tell you, but it made us become humble and grateful about everything in life. Without a doubt, our experience made us appreciative of the little things in life has in store for the future.

I don’t know what has happened to you in your life, but I can only go from personal experience in mine. If I can deal with being homeless to where I am now, you can make it through life too. I know there’s a pretty good chance that whatever you’re dealing with, you can still accomplish your dreams. Life can work in mysterious ways and sometimes you may be placed in situations that you weren’t expected. However, if you can just hold on and never quit, your life can open up to a enormous opportunities. My mother didn’t quit and never backed down to a challenge that comforted her and she still became successful.

Happiness and joy.

When my mother and I was finally able to get a home for us, I knew she was relieved of the fact she was able to take care of us in a stable home which was something that meant everything to her. The joy in her eyes was indescribable and I knew although we would face future challenges, we could always remind ourselves of what we went through when we were homeless living in a car.

My friends, keep reaching for the stars and continue moving forward in the life that you’re trying to create because anything is feasible if you want it bad enough.

My story is what most people deal with,
Live the life that I want to have,
I do not let life hamper me,
Strive for what life means,
Making forward steps each day.

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