Jim Carrey’s Inspiring Commencement Speech

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Jim Carrey’s commencement speech offers us new insight to why it’s important to pursue our dreams and don’t allow life to control us.

In this lifetime that we’re living in, we have to be a dreamer. We can’t sit around doing nothing with our lives because life is way too short to live a life that we don’t want to have. There have been many examples in our lifetime that proved to us that we should dream big and pursue all our goals with passion, confidence, and determination. For example, we look at Jim Carrey and noticed that his life was filled with challenges he had to deal with on a consistent basis. At one point Jim lived in camper van as he faced tough financial times while trying to pursue a actor career in comedy. However, Jim never gave up on his dream and he always kept dreaming no matter what he was facing at any point in his life.

People go through many different challenges in life and even despite what people have to deal with, they still can accomplish their dreams. Jim Carrey never had the best past in his life, but due to his determination and never give up attitude, he was going to be one of the best actors in the world.

An amazing speech by Jim Carrey.

In a graduation ceremony conducted at Maharishi University of Management, Jim Carrey conducts an inspiring and motivational speech to graduates about pursuing their dreams, asking the universe, and why we shouldn’t settle in life.

As Jim discusses his thoughts at the graduation ceremony, the words of wisdom that he portrayed throughout his engaging speech were beyond memorable. At one point, he says:

“What we really want seems impossible out of reach and ridiculous to expect so we never dare to ask the universe for it.”

His words resonated with the graduates for many reasons both personal and collectively among all people attending the ceremony. However, it is safe to say that everyone including people who have viewed the graduation ceremony from afar that if we really want to accomplish something out of our lives, we can accomplish it. However, in order for us to achieve the highest level of our goals in life, we have to ask the universe for it.

Learning from Jim.

The universe? Yes, the universe. When we’re putting our efforts towards all our dreams, there’s going to be at times where things are simply not going to go as planned not matter how much effort and dedication we have towards our goals. When things don’t go well, we have to not only believe in ourselves, but we have to tell the universe that whatever dream we may have, to take get rid of the uncontrollable circumstances that are affecting the progress of our dream.

Jim was able to tell the universe about his dream, so why can’t we all do the same? Why can’t we ask for the things we want in life if we’re putting the amount of dedication and effort required to complete our dream? There is no question to that my friends because we can ask the universe for it; there’s no question about why we can’t.

What is something that is on your mind that you’re wanting to come into reality? There has to be something out there in the universe that you’re searching for and wanting to make into a reality. Search within your mind and seek what you want because you deserve it and you should because this life we live in is unpredictable and there are no guarantees to anything.

Seek the universe for all you want and keep reaching for your goals.

The universe is vast,
But you’re not alone,
For all that you need,
Is in your mind,
Waiting to be unleashed,
For the world to see,
Keep reaching for what you want,
The universe wants you to,
You will get your goal,
And you will prosper,
Ask the universe.

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