Tom Brady Becoming The Greatest Of All Time

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How the 6th Round, 199th NFL pick, is becoming the best ever.

Whether you hate him or love him, Tom Brady has battled through an immense amount of challenges throughout his life. There are many challenges that we all face, but what Brady has gone through in his football career. Brady’s accomplishments are simply inspirational and memorable to all Football fans alike.

As with many successful people, the life of Tom Brady throughout his football career was never easy. Throughout his college career at the University of Michigan, Brady battled with numerous quarterback starters. Quarterbacks that Brady went against included Brian Griese and Drew Henson for the starting job at quarterback. What’s amazing about Brady is every time head coach Lloyd Carr placed Brady at quarterback, the team became successful. In fact, Brady led his team to a Orange Bowl victory against the University of Alabama winning 35-34 in 2000.

Tom Brady’s challenges.

What arrived to Brady’s most shocking turn of events was the 2000 NFL draft. Despite his achievements in college, Brady was selected in the 6th round. Although he was selected as a 6th round pick, Brady was grateful to be selected by the New England Patriots. Brady finally had his opportunity to be quarterback in NFL and he was going to make the most of it.

Brady’s experience in both college and the NFL is beyond memorable. Check out the documentary created by Joseph Vincent just to see how amazing Bray’s story is.

Just like his experience getting a quarterback position at Michigan University, the New England Patriots wouldn’t be any different. Brady would put himself in position after Drew Bledsoe we get injured against the New York Jets in 2001. After Bledsoe’s injury against the New York Jets, Brady would never look back as he would lead his team to winning Super Bowl XXXVI.

Tom Brady always overcomes his circumstances.

Despite his success, Brady did have some setbacks along his quarterback career despite his massive success in the NFL. In the NFL 2008 first game of the season, Brady received a major knee injury against the Kansas City Chiefs. Brady’s injury would put him out for the season which he would end up taking time to recover.

After recovering from his knee injury, Brady continued to have massive success. After the NFL 2008 season, Brady would go to 3 Super Bowls and win multiple AFC championships. Arguably Brady’s best performance in the Super Bowl would be against the Seattle Seahawks in Super Bowl XLIX. Brady would carry the New England Patriots from a 10 point deficit in the 4th to win 28-24 and capturing his 4th Super Bowl Championship. After winning his 4th championship, Brady would tie Joe Montana’s record for most super bowl championships for a quarterback.

History in the making.

Brady has many more seasons to play with the New England Patriots. With the risk of injury in the NFL, not many people in the NFL can play football for more than 20 years, but Brady seems like it’s possible for him. Before he retires, 20 years in the NFL is going to be the new 10 before he finally leaves the NFL stage for good.

With his work ethic and durability, Brady could win his 5th Super Bowl ring and redesign the quarterback position. In addition, he would be the only quarterback to win 5 championships in NFL history if he can accomplish this feat. If Brady can win a 5th Super Bowl, hands down he will be the greatest ever.

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