Why You Should Never Give Up

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Learn from these three inspiring people who never gave up and became successful.

Think about the life that you can have and how you can create it without never giving up towards your difficulty. Now, imagine the resources that are available to you. Next, understand the people who been through much worse in life that never gave up. Take about 10 minutes and just think of what’s possible for you. Acknowledge the fact there have been many successful people who didn’t have nearly as much opportunities and still made it.

There are many reasons why you shouldn’t never give up, but there is a core reason why you must keep going through your obstacles. The main reason is because it’s simply going to make your life better despite the difficulty that you’re dealing with right now. When things seem impossible, remind yourself of a few people listed below that were able to achieve their dreams despite the failures they came up against.

Famous people who survived failure.

1. Walt Disney: A wonderful creator who wanted to create things based on the joyfulness of life. The same man that had a nervous breakdown and on top of that became bankrupt at one point of his life. Furthermore, if his problems weren’t as bad enough, people criticize him and said he “Lacked imagination”. Disney didn’t allow his challenges that he was dealing with to stop creating what the world could benefit from. From his failures, Disney became a strong-minded individual. And with that, he developed Disney World and many other breakthroughs to make people smile all over the world.

2. Anna Wintour: A women who was simply obsessed with fashion and could stretch the word “Creativity” beyond its limits. At one point of her career, Wintour was fired from our job; as Tony Mazalla terminated her due to him not liking her designs and clothing style. Although disappointed from being fired from her job, Wintour allowed her failure to become motivation. Being motivated as ever, she climbed the rankings of editorial writing to eventually become artistic director of Vogue.

3. Jerry Seinfeld: Through his ability to caputre the minds of people, Seinfeld simply made people smile. As with many up and rising comedians, Seinfeld faced tremendous competition of trying to gain acting spots. However, before he gained stardom, he was on Benson which he was removed from the show without him knowing. The only way Seinfeld knew that he gotten fired from the Benson show is when he showed up the next day on stage and his script was removed. Despite his frustration, Seinfeld knew he had a much greater role in his life. As many would know, Seinfeld would become one of the top comedians in the world.

We have to be strong in this life.

There’s many examples of who became a star in their own right. Lots people dealt with a lot of challenges and still became superstars and became the best in their industry. When life hits you hard, remind yourself that people such as Disney, Seinfeld, and Wintour never gave up. Become resistant to not giving up because whatever challenging life situation you’re in, you will be successful.

There have been many people how have done it. Remind yourself always that people became successful too. It is within your grasp, of achieving what you want.

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