Why You Should Give Timothy Sykes And Paul Scolardi A Chance

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The rules and teachings of Timothy Sykes and Paul Scolardi can change your stock trading perspective and improve your profits.

Teachers have different techniques and strategies that can help you succeed and reach your potential. For me, I’ve always wanted to grow to become a better stock trader. However, finding the right mentor is absolutely critical in your endeavor in the stock trading field. In stock trading, there are a lot of people who say they had tremendous success with the people they’ve taught. But, very few provide a consistent track record of their claims. After searching throughout the web, I’ve finally discovered Timothy Sykes and Paul Scolardi.

Some background information about me.

First, a few things to express so you can understand a little bit about me in the present. If you want to learn more about my childhood past, I highly suggest you read my homeless to happiness post. In the present, I’ve served in the Military at 18 and separated from the Military at 22 while serving 1 deployment in Afghanistan. I’ve been assisting different entities in areas of Iraq and Afghanistan for the last 9 years.

Finding great people takes time but it’s worth it in the end.

When I first discovered Timothy Sykes and Paul Scholardi, I was second guessing myself. Again, there are many people that say a lot in this niche but don’t back it up. However, my hesitations were completely removed when Tim and Paul provided their track record on profit.ly. In addition, Tim and Paul created successful students such as Tim Grittani and Matthew Owens. I grew more intrigued about Tim’s teachings over the past year and how your personality can greatly affect what types of trading patterns you trade.

Over this year, I’ve discovered who I am as a trader while learning about my strengths and weaknesses too. Due to my type of personality and trading style, I’ve found that I been focusing more about Tim’s teachings. I’m proud to say due to Tim’s and Paul’s rules, my stock trading has improved and I’m profitable. The great thing is that I’m learning and eager to improve my stock trading each day.

Timothy Sykes has students from different parts of the world. In a recent video from his YouTube page, Tim’s students express how proud and happy of the mentorship from Tim. The strategies that involve Tim’s trading niche are all worth the time and dedication to study them.

You can change your life by understanding someone’s perspective.

All I can say is to at least give Timothy Sykes and Paul Scholardi a chance to take your stock trading to the next level. Again, I can’t stress this enough, if you truly want to be successful in this type of work, find yourself a mentor that is successful. If you’re willing to give Tim and Paul a chance in furthering your stock trading education, you should visit their websites here and here. I think it’s quite fitting to end this post with a meaningful quote since Tim studied Philosophy at Tulane University years ago.

“To teach a man how he may learn to grow independently, and for himself, is perhaps the greatest service that one man can do another.” Benjamin Jowett

Wish you all the best and never stop searching for what you love doing.

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