Sylvester Stallone And His Struggles To Stardom

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How the once homeless man became a global star and inspiration to millions people worldwide.

Not many people in this life time faced the same immense pressure that Sylvester Stallone had dealt with. The once young inspiring actor from New York City, New York went through homelessness and poverty. When Sylvester didn’t have any money to survive, he was forced to sell his dog. Without a doubt, Sylvester’s young beginnings would test his will power to reach his dream.

If Sylvester’s Stallone’s challenges of trying to survive in New York weren’t hard enough, becoming a successful actor was tougher. Sylvester faced countless rejections of different acting roles and by acting agents which caused him to be discouraged. Furthermore, his wife at the time, didn’t support his decisions of becoming an actor. Quite often, Sylvester and his wife argue about him pursuing his dream and making a positive impact to the world. It seems all the pressures of trying to make Sylvester’s dream into a reality was falling apart as all his efforts were in vain.

Sylvester Stallone never gave up and took the opportunity of a lifetime.

Despite Sylvester Stallone having to sell all of his belongings to live, the courageous actor never quitted on his dream. When life hit hard, Sylvester became more creative in his strengths of acting and creating storylines for movies. One of Sylvester’s role models was Muhammad Ali which he would watch him fight on T.V. in numerous bouts against his rivals. Sylvester would use Muhammad’s inspiring fights in his own way by creating plots for the well-known Rocky movie series. The confidence that Sylvester gained from Muhammad gave him greater determination after his Rocky scripts were rejected by many film producers.

Favor began to shift to Sylvester Stallone’s side even when he was dealing with enormous adversity. True belief is tested when challenges are faced in front of desire and Sylvester was not fazed of his failures. Sylvester would meet with film directors Robert Chartoff and Irwin Winkler which they gave Sylvester an offer to make his Rocky story. After some negotiations with Robert and Irwin, Sylvester would be the leading actor in the Rocky series. Furthermore, Rocky became so successful after attracting a world-wide audience, Sylvester would win an Oscar. The once struggling actor was now a world renown icon making classic movies that would capture inspiration through fights on the movie screen.

Learning from successful people breads success for those who are willing to listen.

From a recent video by Evan Carmichael, Sylvester Stallone discusses his hardships and unforgettable moments in his life.

Your life is what you make of it even when faced with troubling times. With poverty and no support, Sylvester Stallone was still successful and became an inspiration to many. Any path of life you take make sure it’s what you want even if your dream requires hardship at first. Simply put, there’s no meaning in life without having a meaning stand for.

Sylvester stood for his meaning even during his darkest hours. What’s your meaning and what are you willing to go through to succeed in life?

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