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The story behind Eric Thomas who was a high school drop out, would become one of the greatest inspirational speakers in the modern era.

Very few individuals on the planet can say they’ve overcame all odds and reached massive success. For Eric Thomas, he is surely one of those people who experienced incredible challenges a long the path of life. Born in Chicago, Illinois, he spent most of his childhood and teenager years in Detroit, Michigan. Life wasn’t easy at all for him as he faced adversity and not knowing his father throughout his childhood. In fact, when his Mom told him that his father wasn’t really his biological father, it completely devastated him. From the news he received, Eric didn’t know how to react. He ended up making irrational decisions by dropping out of high school and leaving his parents home before the age of 18.

For two years, Eric Thomas was homeless and lived in abandoned buildings. Just to survive, he would eat out of trash cans. The thoughts of not knowing who his real father haunted him for a long time. With that being said, his frustration caused tension between his family and friends. He also withdrew communicating with his close relatives as he lived through the cold winters of Detroit. However, the ending story of his legacy wouldn’t was not over for him. These troubling times may of been difficult for Eric, but he would not give up as he knew the inner potential he had.

Sometimes finding your gift comes least expected.

Through God and prayers, Eric Thomas found hope and motivation attending church in his neighborhood. In fact, he would meet inspiring young speakers who created a positive influences in communities at church. These individuals inspired and motivated Eric to do better for himself. The people at church encourage him to speak in front of everyone which allowed him to discover his gift. As he grew more comfortable speaking about different topics in church, crowds by the dozens would listen to Eric. His voice gave a distinct tone that made people gravitate to him.

Eric Thomas soon realized that he had a special quality within himself that could help others by the way he talked to people. The power of ones voice is something that shouldn’t be underestimated. He understood that he shouldn’t put the problems that he’s dealing with onto others to blame but rather, take ownership of his mistakes. After couple of years of being homeless in Detroit, he decided to pursue his education by achieving his General Educational Development (GED). With accomplishing his GED, Eric would then attend Oakwood University and Michigan State University to pursue his college education.

It wasn’t easy for Eric to attend college.

The road for Eric Thomas in completing his college education was rough in the beginning. Many years of struggles came along in his college subjects. Despite his setbacks, it took him 12 years to accomplish a 4 year degree before graduating with his bachelors degree in Education. In the process of attending college, he would then marry his college classmate and best friend, Dede Moseley.

Visiting universities, mentoring athletes, and inspiring younger generations is one of the many things that Eric Thomas does. While visiting students, Eric discusses how important is to grab your goals and don’t hesitate pursuing them.

Eric Thomas would eventually earn his doctorate degree and publish books that include The Secrets To Success and Average Skill Phenomenal Will. While all of his accomplishments are inspiring, the most motivating aspect to Eric is his relentless passion towards motivating others. Without a doubt, Eric’s story is inspirational and should give a positive influence to people who are going through tough times in life to never give up and to achieve their full potential.

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