Steve Jobs And His Epic Stanford University Speech

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The man that would never be forgotten due to his willingness to make lives better.

Steve Jobs is an inventor who worked diligently in creating devices for a company called Apple. While facing his own struggles of fighting illnesses, Steve was able to inspire others with his words. Towards his ambitions, Steve wanted to make sure before passing away to cancer, the world would be a better place. In fact, Steve was able to leave a heavy impact to peoples future by implementing a foundation of rules to be successful. During his speech to students at Stanford University in 2005, he spoke a message for the younger generation.

Enjoying what we love is perhaps what many people disregard in their life while picking a career. Steve Jobs wanted emphasize in his speech to Stanford’s students awaiting to graduate, that we must love what we’re doing. Life is too short to be miserable in a career for 10, 20, or 30 years and expect to have some appreciation to it. Steve wanted people to embrace the unknown and try a new path that requires us to expand ourselves. Furthermore, Steve addressed other key factors of how life really is and can be for everyone.

As Steve Jobs spoked, the students at Stanford University grew even more amazed by his words.

Connecting the dots in life is hard because we don’t know what’s expecting. However, Steve Job’s showed people how we could look at life in a simple perspective. Steve stressed to students at Stanford, that we can’t connect our events heading forward, but we can connect them looking back. In other words, we can’t live in life through fear, but rather we should go through our destinies with positivity. The life we have will have an outcome for each of us, but it’s up to us whether we accept the paths that lead us there. Steve never was the type of person to shy away from difficulty as it’s a part of our cycle to grow and succeed.

The graduation ceremony at Stanford University taught us many aspects to life’s creativity and will always be remembered. Check out the commencement speech by Steve Jobs that impressed millions of people that will stand the test of time.

One life to live. Make each action count towards making an incredible future.

Another key value that Steve Jobs demonstrated is knowing about death and how we shouldn’t be afraid of it. Death can’t be outran and certainly no one is able to escape it. With absolute passion, Steve expressed that our passings clear way for future generations to make a positive impact in this world. The eyes of many students at Stanford shown a mesmerized, but yet embracing emotion to Steve as he continued his speech. Steve acknowledged his cancer battle and how he defeated it and why everyone else can defeat their own battles too. Everyone is capable of their potential, but along the way we have to vanquish our battles in life.

Perhaps Steve Jobs most memorable words as he concluded his speech to Stanford students was to “Stay hungry. Stay foolish”. No matter how perfect one thinks, we’re all going to make mistakes along life. Despite our setbacks, we need to be eager to learn and understand the process of what life is all about. Yes, we’re going to make some pretty bone-head mistakes. However, that’s what makes us human and gives us the understanding that we’re perfect but imperfect at the same time. Steve is a man of much wisdom and most importantly, he was able to share his knowledge of prosperity and gratitude to others.

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