Serbia’s Inspiring Volleyball Victory Over The United States

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Serbia’s inspiring victory over the United States led to a silver medal at the Rio Olympics.

Many people thought it would be impossible for Serbia to defeat the United States in the Rio Olympics of 2016. However, fate would predict an epic win that resulted in a score of 20-25, 25-17, 25-21, 16-25, 15-13, for Serbia. Serbia’s team, which never had won a Olympic medal in women’s volleyball, has proven that anything is possible to achieve. A Serbian team lead by Zoran Terzić, never had any doubts in his team achieving this magnificent victory.

Serbia’s volleyball team had many victories over the years in major tournament play. Furthermore, to most Serb’s, gaining victory of the silver medal in Rio has been well-deserved. Before the Rio Olympics, Serbia had consistently done well in other competitive play such as placing 2nd in the World Cup. However, the results of Serbia’s Olympic placement in the past has shown minimal turnout. In the Olympics in 2008 and 2012, Serbia’s team placed 5th and 11th which caused disappointment to this eager team. Although previous results would project Serbia not winning an Olympic medal, Serbia’s team would not let any negativity from the past to disturb them.

Serbia’s volleyball team has proved that past history isn’t the future. We can change the outcome in our efforts.

During the semifinal Rio Olympic match, the United States took a commanding lead over Serbia. The United States had all the momentum with leading 2 sets to 1 heading into the 4 set. Despite being down 2 sets, Serbia wouldn’t give up the match. In fact, the Serbian team would come back to even the score to play a 5th set to decide who would play the final. With a incredible ace in the final set by Milena Rasic, she would give Serbia a boost of confidence that would surge them into victory. Sport analysts worldwide were predicting the United States would finally get their Gold Medal in Rio. But, Serbia shocked the world in denying America in a attempt to achieve their feat.

Check out Serbia’s World Grand Prix 2016 match over Brazil leading to the Rio Olympics. Some people may say that what’s the point of playing if you’re facing bad odds. However, just because many people may think you can’t win, if you believe you can overcome, anything is possible. Serbia proved that despite past failures of never reaching an Olympic medal match, you can pass any odds.

Just because someone says you can’t do something doesn’t mean it’s impossible to do.

Serbia’s amazing feat of accomplishing a Rio Olympic medal has inspired many people that you shouldn’t underestimate a formidable team. There may be people who doubt the abilities of an individual, but you can prove them wrong. With that being said, an effective plan is needed for any type of victory. However, execution is by far the strongest asset a individual or in this case, a team can have. When it came done to the most pressurized moments, Serbia’s team came on top while stunning the United States.

The Serbian women’s volleyball team that had Tijana Bošković, Brankica Mihajlović, Maja Ognjenović, Bianka Buša, Jovana Stevanović and others, has made Serbia’s dream come true. If you have a map towards your solutions, overcome mountains of adversity, you too can change history in your favor. Don’t let the past be your downfall because you can always change the outcome of your own story.

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