The Story Behind Chris Gardner

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How devotion to one’s craft changed his life forever.

Chris Gardner has been known for such movies as the Pursuit of Happiness. However, many people who don’t know about the history of this highly successful man behind the scenes. The same man who faced different trials of obstacles has became massively successful due to believing in himself. Chris’s story is both inspirational and magical as he’s been able to accomplish the near impossible.

He was also a man who served his country. Chris Gardner was in the United States Navy before seeking his ambitions into the civilian world. Like many, there are people trying to succeed in life, but end up failing their dreams. However, Chris is different from the rest as even being homeless with his child and he still succeeded. There aren’t many people like Chris, but seeing how his story had unfolded, everyone can appreciate his ambitions. For instance, after Chris served in the military, he was under the burden of raising a child. Furthermore, his wife gave him numerous problems of not supporting him in becoming a stock broker.

While trying to maintain his work in odd jobs, Chris seemed to continue to have problems. For instance, his wife abandoned him and their new born when she decided not take of the family. Despite everything, Chris was put under pressure in expenses and finding a new home to move in. In addition, while trying to get an internship for a stock broker company, Chris had to find a new home. Home owners numerously evicted Chris out and at times, without any notice. There are people who wouldn’t be able to cope with the pressure that Chris had dealt with. However, he never lost confidence in himself.

Chris Gardner was able to achieve his goals and there’s no reason why you shouldn’t either.

He never gave in to his dream of becoming a stock trader. In this motivational speech, Chris discusses his story and persistence. In addition, Big Speakers Bureau gains credit for sharing this video. The speech addresses Chris’s background, but also reveals his experience with prison.

With being homeless, divorced, and at time having no money, Chris Gardner and his son continued to strive. Chris finally would get his job opportunity in a investment firm and eventually creating his own company called Gardner Rich & Co LLC. Over the years, he would increase his net worth by gaining new clients for his company. After his years of turmoil while raising his child, Chris would finally be a multi-millionaire and a successful entrepreneur.

In conclusion, Chris Gardner has shown that any business person can be successful if they’re will to learn. Lastly, Chris has proven that even being homeless and you can defeat any odds. Despite your own failures and loses, you can achieve your own success too.

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