Motivational Poem: You Are The One

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We are chosen to do something very special. There’s no doubt it.

In times of self-doubt,

Learn you are here,

For the purpose,

Of something that’s far greater,

Than you ever imagined,

Learn there’s something out there,

For you to call upon,

You are the one,

We are here for a meaningful purpose,

Qualities are inside you to show,

Through anything in life,

There is a struggle,

But don’t worry,

You are the best,

The one that defeats all,

An incredible person that embraces all,

The man that accomplishes all,

You are the one,

You are here to make this world better.

The chosen one abilities are in each of us.

Let your life be designed to cultivate whatever you want to complete. You can do anything and no matter the doubters or the naysayers say to you. People can make you discouraged throughout your journey in life which can alter your path to being successful. However, don’t let that happen to you. You are here for a reason and you were given abilities that can inspire the world and make people’s lives for the better. Why is this? There’s without a doubt you are the chosen one because each of us have unlimited creativity.

All of our lives have a purpose of using our unique qualities have the life we’ve always wanted to have. Furthermore, we have to understand how life is oppose to be with using our gifts to create something beyond meaningful for this world. What decides us on becoming successful? There’s always possibility of failing in life, but there is substantial opportunity to find our growth through our willingness to learn. We have to understand life can be tough on us especially if we haven’t succeeded at all. However, don’t become discourage of failure because success comes through the struggles we endure.

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