Motivation Poem: Benefits Of Giving Back

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Giving back to people is not only a good deed, but it inspires others to do the same for other people in this life.

We often struggle,

Through the challenges,

Through the difficulties,

Without a doubt,

Continue to give,

Give to those who are eager,

The one’s that are at far worse,

There are people,

That need from us,

Whether our situation,

Small or large,

Keep pushing forward,

And continue to give,

We will gain back,

From what happens in life,

Those experiences of giving,

Are enwrapping in our hearts,

Never stop giving,

Decide to make people smile,

Create life and people will love,

You make people feel blessed,

Because we are blessed,

Keep giving,

Togetherness conquers all.

Giving to others makes all the difference.

In order for us to move forward with progressing in our goals, we need to help others as well. Why is this the case? There’s going to be times where people will come into our life to help us and give us insight to create our own life too. Giving back to societies based on our strengths can make the world greater and inspire others at the same time. With that being said with other people who are working with their goals, we must give them insight too. We can make their goals come into place by giving them the resources they need to succeed in life.

It’s impossible to accomplish our goals without any help as we only know so much information and resources. We only have so much insight with making progress towards our dream. However, when we work together, share information to each other, anything is possible. As we work as a team, we can accomplish a goal much easier than by ourselves. We have the power to change people’s lives with our efforts and give opportunities to those who need them. If we can make people’s lives better, we can change anything on this planet.

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