Motivation Poem: Striving On

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We must continue to strive no matter what life has thrown at us.

Never look down and strive for higher goals as situations can be bad or situations can be good,

Strive to learn and see what the positives are,

Will grant you the abilityto strive on,

You’re not perfect so don’t be discourage,

Live in the moment and continue to keep going,

Because when you pause or when you stop,

You simply can’t strive so keep striving on,

Goals can be a distance or goals can be short,

Whether your goal is keep striving for it,

For soon your goal will be obtained,

Keep striving on.

The power to move forward is in each of us.

Our minds can give us further strength to continuously keep pushing forward to new levels of achievement. However, we can also allow our minds to hamper us while we pursue our goals and dreams. I can give you a perfect example that can easily happen to us while limiting our ability to keep striving on to what we can accomplish. Here’s the example, have you ever been talked out of something that you really wanted to do, but you allowed your co-workers, family, or friends to talk you out of your particular goal or dream? Simply put, we have to strive on despite whatever outcome we obtain from our efforts.

A creative motivational video created by Ben Lionel Scott, discusses how we should strive for more and how we deserve so much more than we actually have in our lives.

A lot of times, we have to take the time to think for ourselves because our heart knows more than anyone else does. Despite what people may say to us and no matter how crazy it may sound to people, we know deep down inside what our goals are and by staying focused, anything is possible to achieve.

Keep striving for all the things you want and keep striving for more. You deserve it.

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