Motivational Poem: You Are Limitless

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We have unlimited potential to conquer any feat in this lifetime.

The potential you have,

Cannot be underestimated,

For what you have,

Is something truly special,

You are what life needs,

To make this world brighter,

Than what it was,

Through all of your efforts,

You are limitless,

You can accomplish all that is possible,

Through your life and being able to achieve,

The life that can be obtained,

Is all on your efforts,

Be efficient,

Become strategic,

Be the best you can be,

You are limitless,

You are what this world needs,

To make this world better than it once was,

You are limitless.

Your limitless potential awaits for you.

We have the power to accomplish anything if we set our mind to the opportunities that are available. Why do we have limitless potential? It’s because we were created to have boundless abilities and being able to vanquish anything that can be an obstacle. What makes us push forward? We have unlimited power embedded in our drive that can push us towards any barrier that is in our way. Our peers may say that we can’t complete different goals, but that is completely false; we have to move forward from negative influences to achieve everything we want.

Don’t let the distractions hamper your confidence and inability to strive for all that you want to do. Forget what the negative people say to you because all that matters is you moving closer to the life that you want to have. Understand the only person that can change your life is yourself and don’t be moved by what unreliable people say. Reach for your potential because once you know you’re limitless, your potential can reached to unspeakable levels.

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