Motivational Poem: Life’s A Struggle

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Life can easily take us down and if we allow it to do this to us, we can end up not pursuing our goals.

Through your struggle,

There will be times,

You want to give up,

Give in to the challenges,

But not you as you must,

Learn from what your facing,

Face through what you go through,

Never be discouraged,

As you will get through,

You will accomplish all,

All through what you face,

To be the best of who you are,

Letting the challenges,

Give you strength,

To bear through anything,

You may face,

And as you continue through your life,

You will succeed.

Life can be relentless but it’s not meant to last forever.

Throughout many obstacles and events in life, there’s an inner challenge that we’re facing that has to be defeated in order to get us through the next chapter in our lives. Through the struggle of our challenges, we must confront them, we must deal with them, and we must not let them divert us from the path we decided to choose.

What are your struggles that you’re facing right now? Face your struggles head on because it’s the only way to get to the other side to greatness. We have the ability to accomplish so much, but each goal and dream comes with a struggle that we have to go through.

Younes Marxieu does it again with an incredible motivational video describing how we often face struggles in life, but we can ultimately overcome them no matter how difficult they can be.

I remember when my biological father abandoned my Mother, Brother, and I as it was one of the worst feelings in the world. However, although it was a tremendous struggle to deal with that event, I had to face it head on and defeat what was in front of me to live the life i wanted to have.

Stay focus and defeat your struggles by not avoiding them, but by embracing them and conquering them. You can visit my YouTube channel if you want to see more of my motivational videos! Have a nice day!

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