Motivational Poem: Finding Your Dream

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It’s never easy to find what you’re trying to search for, but it’s worth it.

Through your own path,

You will find the path that you need,

That contains your dream,

The dream you want,

With what life contains within it,

Is what makes your life more gratifying,

You push towards your dream,

With all your efforts,

Because you know it is worth it,

With finding your dream,

There is a new meaning,

A meaning of life,

And a meaning for you to take the path,

That you have choose to pursue,

Keep walking in your path,

Your path is there waiting,

Waiting for you to complete.

There’s no doubt to finding our dream.

It’s not easy trying to search for our dreams and being able to find the path we were designed to have and quite often, we may get misdirected in all of what were searching for which can ultimately create frustration and possibly quitting on pursuing the search of our dream. Goals can be created through our amazing minds and if we resist them, we can easily have beautiful ideas become wasted thoughts. Actions can strike us as motivation which can push us closer to our eventual goal we’re interested in accomplishing.

A brilliant video developed by Basquiet Picasso, talks about the importance of finding our goals and searching through our lives to make the impossible a possible reality.

We simply can’t quit searching. We must continue to search for our dreams and striving for what we want. Without a doubt, there’s going to be enormous challenges ahead of us but in the end, we will succeed and we will find our goal; it’s just a matter time.

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