Motivation Poem: Importance Of Sacrifice

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The will to sacrifice benefits us the ability to grow into our complete selves.

The ability to endure,

To focus on one path,

Moving forward as you take,

The things that don’t matter,

Into one mind set,

You are here,

Allow yourself to grow,

Push through the barriers,

To things you love the most,

With sacrifice,

Comes focus,

And with focus,

Comes accomplishment,

So sacrifice,

And become one with,

The goals you want to complete.

Our goals and dreams can be both big and small, but at some point, the bigger the goal, the more sacrifice is required to accomplish the set goal we are trying to achieve. It is important to realize that we need to embrace the tough times as it allows us to build the true character that’s within ourselves and that is a necessity to making our lives more meaningful. Sacrifice benefits our abilities to grow passed our current stage in life, to a higher level of experience.

In this video developed by Kevin Tylecote, addresses the importance of sacrifice and how it change our lives.

We all have the ability to take things in and out of our lives in order to create new beginnings, but it comes down to how much we’re willing to sacrifice in order to achieve our goals. Never give let go of the things you want because with the right amount of sacrifice, anything is possible to achieve in your life. Why should we sacrifice? We can embrace the short term struggles that will allow us to live a greater life. As a result from our time of learning, we can inspire ourselves to reach anything.

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