Motivation Poem: Follow Your Heart

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We have to follow our heart during the most critical times of making life choices.

What life throws at you and in your heart,

Can give you discouragement,

With challenges come action,

And with action comes direction,

Your direction can go anywhere,

But your direction can stay its course,

Your heart will know,

The direction you need to go,

No matter the distractions,

No matter the words of what many say,

You know what you need,

Your heart will give you,

All of what you need,

Follow your heart,

And all of what is needed,

Will be obtain in your life,

Follow your heart no matter what.

In times of uncertainty and when we’re searching for what we are oppose to do in life, we have to follow our heart. Since no matter what we may be experiencing, we can’t become distracted to stop engaging in our life goals. It is with faith that we must apply when we’re unsure what path we would like to choose. Furthermore, with being able to use faith within ourselves, we can adapt to any challenge and defeat it. We are the only species on this planet that can create something that’s beneficial to others.

The mind is unpredictable as it can create immense solutions.

A meaningful quote by Minster, Norman Vincent Peale once said “Frequently remind yourself that God is with you, that He will never fail you, that you can count upon him. Say these words “God is with me, helping me.”

In times of doubt, we must follow the inner thoughts that are inside our hearts. Furthermore, when people are discouraging you, we can easily let go of our creative thoughts. Understand that it’s critical to giving yourself motivation to achieve what you want. Due to doing something meaningful, we have to ignore the doubters and strive for the best. With moving away from people who don’t believe in us, anything can be achievable. Hence why we must continue to strive on to what our mind says and pursue it.

Follow what yourmind wants. Learn from your faith that you apply. Have confidence in what you are meant to be.

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