We Must Chase Our Passions

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It may feel like a never ending discovery, but finding what your inner heart says is all worth it.

There’s many obstacles that we naturally encounter when we chase our passions to the success we want to accomplish. It’s normal to face challenges that come a long in our path because it simply comes within the territory of what your passions are. Furthermore, you’re going to have people that may disagree or not be willing to support you. On the other hand, with pursuing your journey there will be people that do support you. Always remember that in life some of the most un-traditional ways of success can be created by chasing what you love and want to implement in this world.

I remember of being afraid of chasing my passions and often being reluctant to chase my dreams due to the people in the past telling me they weren’t supportive in chasing my goals because they seemed un-realistic. Now that I’m older, I’ve found that it’s better to listen to your heart and trust that everything will work the way it’s intended to be when you put a 100% effort into chasing your passion and creating it into a reality.

Keep chasing your passions in what you want in this lifetime.

Les Brown, a famous motivational speaker, has spread his knowledge about this same topic over to many people over the course of his time. Check out the video below of his speech about chasing your passion:


Look at your life and see where you are today and imagine that you do not know what tomorrow brings for you. Life is simply too short not chase your passions and the goals you’ve set out in life to achieve. Lastly, go for your goals and never give up!

We must chase our passions,

With every beat of our heart,

It is our heart that will find the way,

To the true values of what we seek,

And every step of the way,

You will find greater meaning,

Of each new experience,

With finding the passions we chase,

Follow your heart,

And your heart will guide you all the way.

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