Motivation Poem: Finding Your Strength

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Finding the solutions needed to discover our strengths can give us a new life to our future and goals.

The ability that comes when all challenges are faced,

You and the obstacle, don’t let it bother,

Don’t doubt yourself, find that inner strength,

The strength that comes from within,

Like the Lions of courage as fierce and as determined,

Search through your heart, the heart that speaks to you,

When you find the strength you will know it,

And you will fight through no matter what obstacle,

Or challenge that is gifted within you,

Find your strength and you will overcome all.

When we’re facing enormous challenges that are testing our will, there are going to be tough obstacles along the pathway of success. Furthermore, through our efforts we can succeed in anything, but keep in mind we will be tested along the path we’ve choose. When we feel there’s no solution to be uncovered and there isn’t any solution to get us through what we’re dealing with, we have to find the way to tap into our inner strength.

A creative video constructed by Be Inspired explains the purpose of finding our greatness.

Our strength is strong and a force to reckon with.

To find our inner strength, we have to remind ourselves what exactly are the reasons why we are pursuing this goal or dream is very important to for filling our lives. We may question ourselves to why we’re going through all this hardship that we our facing. However, we must not let go not matter how challenging the opposition may be. As individuals, can accomplish anything. However finding the inner will is a must for us to take it to the next level of pushing ourselves. If people such as Andre Agassi can overcame their challenges of addiction, we can do too.

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