Motivation Poem: You Will Accomplish

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Being able to accomplish all that is possible, gives us the motivation to push through barriers in life that we thought were not possible to break.

When you step onto that stone, the stone that’s mighty to accomplish your goals,

You will find toughness, find the difficulty,

Growth will happen and finding a way will happen,

A way to accomplish, to achieve all,

All that you want in what you create,

Will be achieved every step you take,

Onto each stone you step, you will accomplish all.

Despite what we may go through in life, there is always a path we can choose on whether or not we decide to quit on our dreams. We can continue to push through each barrier while facing difficulty not folding down to mediocrity. Furthermore, if we quit on our dreams, then we’ll never know if we could have accomplish them. However, if we continue to make the effort each day and climbing the ladder of progression, then anything is possible for us.

A beautiful video developed by Mateusz M, describes why we may fall while progressing towards our dreams and goals. Although we may have some set backs, if we continue the pursuit, we can pretty much accomplish anything.

We should never let up on our goals and dreams. Despite what we may be facing, there’s a way out of the situation we’re dealing with. We can continue on accomplishing our goals that we set out. Accomplish all that you want because you have a world of opportunity to do so. As a wise man by the name of Jeff Bezos once said, “I knew that if I failed I wouldn’t regret that, but I knew the one I might regret is not trying.”

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