What We Can Learn From Eminem

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Eminem started out with nothing while making himself become something.

While there may be people that doubt a person’s passions, Eminem didn’t allow himself to be a victim of their opinions. Marshall Matthews otherwise known as Eminem was born on October 17, 1972 in Saint Joseph Missouri where he would experience a tragic childhood. In addition. Marshall’s father abandoned him at birth which in present time, his father has failed to communicate with him. The life of Eminem is of many importances because it shows how determination can pay off for people.

Raised by his mother, Eminem had a very unstable life living as a child. Furthermore, Marshall’s mother barely could meet the responsibilities of being a mother. As a result of Eminem’s mother’s negligence of being responsible, she couldn’t hold a job and was frequently fired. Her acts were not only intolerable, but she often physically and verbally abused him under the consumption of alcohol. The pathway to success in Eminem’s life wasn’t going to be easy. However, his early pains of struggle would only fuel him to reach the success he would have today.

Despite mistreatment in his personal life, he always had a determined mind set of being a successful rapper. In addition to Eminem’s mental toughness, he would often use his past hardships to make his own lyrics unique and genuine. Marshall would often in many of his rap battle competitions lyrically cast hilarious wording to himself based upon his past. Crowds were shocked with laughter of Eminem’s ability to express himself in ways of being humble but yet, comical too.

It was as if Eminem didn’t have boundaries in his vision to become the best.

As if his past childhood didn’t have enough stress, Eminem dealt with relationship problems too. Once married to Kim Mathers, Eminem would end up breaking up multiple times in their love-hate relationship. Furthermore, the couple had a child and due to Kim’s drug addictions, Marshall thought the best decision for his family would be to separate. Kim and Eminem’s relationship would continue its up’s and down’s while raising their daughter. However, the couple decided to keep their relationship in tact for their daughter.

Challenges are all among Eminem’s story, but we can understand that no situation is impossible to fight through. As Eminem would grow into stardom, he created timeless works of art in creative lyrics with a hint of deeper meaning within his songs. In his song “Beautiful”, Eminem displayed charisma and thoughtfulness that many music enthusiasts can respect.

There’s no stopping Eminem. He’s one of those guys that’s tougher under adversity and pressure.

Eminem would reach limitless accomplishments that most music artists could only dream of. From winning multiple MTV awards and turning records into platinum hits, the sky is the limit for the greatest rapper of all time. In addition to his record hitting songs, the superstar would have many of his songs including “Lose Yourself” nominated for multiple awards.

By learning about Eminem’s struggles throughout his child and adulthood, he proves that we can overcome anything. Whether we want to be the next great rapper or whatever else, we have a chance to become what we want. Understanding that your path to succeed may have some jagged rocks and difficult terrain, but the toughness will better prepare your life. Thanks to Eminem’s amazing story, we all can be inspired to pursue anything that life has to offer.

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