Jesse Owens And His Resilient Mind To Overcome Adversity

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People can learn from Jesse Owens in his impossible odds to overcome with passion and strength.

Few people in this world can say they were able to overcome adversity in wartime conditions and become incredibly successful. For Jesse Owens, life during the war in Germany was an uphill battle that gave a new meaning to the word, challenge. Jesse was the youngest child from a big family that resided in Oakville, Alabama. As with the majority of African Americans in the early 1900’s, Jesse’s family experienced harsh amounts of racism and poverty. Life for Jesse Owens during his educational career was as difficult for his family to survive economically. Jesse was often taking jobs such as being a shoe maker to help his family overcome its financial problems to provide a source of income. During high school, Jesse had a strong passion in track running and completely excelled against his peers.

The hidden talent was within Jesse and people noticed it.

Jesse’s high school coach, Charles Riley noticed the great potential within Jesse Owens and often encourage Jesse. In addition, Charles was a fundamental and critical aspect to Jesse’s training and being able to harness his talent. One of the most important aspects of maintaining and becoming a greater runner, was training consistently. Charles continued to help create the proper training plan for Jesse to become successful and reach his potential.

Enrolling into Ohio State University shortly after graduating high school, Jesse Owens was prepared to do well in running. Jesse was incredibly successful in running while dominating the 100 yard dash in world-class performance. During college, Jesse would qualify for multiple Olympic events and ultimately compete in the 1936 Olympics in Berlin, Germany. The best competition worldwide would compete against Jesse, but Jesse arguably had the best Olympic performance in winning 4 gold medals.

From a video published by Olympic, Jesse Owens discusses his mind set and preparation to compete against the worlds best. As discussed by Jesse, having the right mind set is very important when it comes overcoming personal challenges and adversity.

Jesse Owens overcame his adversity during his life and you can to.

In each of our lives, there are times when we all faced a challenge that was difficult to overcome as we’re running our own race to see whether or not success will arrive at the finish line. We often can get discourage of our circumstances, but if we can funnel out the distractions that come naturally in our plans and follow through with consistency, we can become successful. Jesse was able to prove that running our own race to the best of our ability can often lead to impactful results.

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