Stephen Hawking And His Ability To Overcome Disabilities

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Despite his disabilities, Stephen Hawking manage to create new discoveries in the field of physics.

Stephen Hawking was a bright individual who had a relentless attitude for discovering the untapped mysteries of physics. Born on January 8, 1982 the young man had an early grasp of learning about math formulas and theoretical cosmology. Gifted with a creative mind, there have been movies to describe Stephen’s background such as a Beyond the Horizon and Hawking.

While attending the University of Oxford during his undergraduate years, Stephen Hawking was able to become one of the top physics students. He would eventually be widely respected in the academic community for his contributions in physics. Stephen’s attitude towards physic theory was rare and his classmates noticed his deep understanding of creating new solutions in the physics world. It would be soon after his attendance at the University of Oxford that he would move into higher levels of education.

Stephen Hawking thrived in the classroom.

Stephen Hawking thrived in his graduate academics. In addition to achieving high marks in both undergraduate and graduate studies, Stephen won the Adams Prize for his informative and effective graduate essay. Stephen would later earn his PhD degree in mathematics and physics. It seemed that nothing could stop Stephen in his pursuit of creating the physics community a better place for all physics theorists.

Although Stephen Hawking developed amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) during his academic career, that never stopped him. Stephen managed to publish multiple books that include A Brief History of Time and The Grand Design. In addition to his best selling author success, he performed in dozens of seminars and speeches.

In a recent video developed by Goalcast, Stephen describes his ability to endure his hardships. Stephen emphasizes throughout the video to viewers to never stop seeking new discoveries for the betterment of earth.

We could never forget Stephen Hawking.

Stephen was able to create a significant impact in the world we live in today. Unfortunately, we lost Stephen in 2018. Despite his recent passing, he will always be remembered. Stephen was someone who simply wanted to make life sustainable for the greater good of humanity.

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