Muhammad Ali And The Heart Of A Champion

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Very few people could make a more significant impact to this world than Muhammad Ali.

A man of such great feats and triumphs in the world of boxing, Muhammad Ali was born on January 17, 1942. Throughout his life, Muhammad dealt with numerous setbacks that put him in life situations beyond belief. Furthermore, there was major issues the world was dealing with that included World War II, racism, and discrimination. Muhammad represented many ethical values which will forever stand the test of time.

One belief that Muhammad Ali thought was everyone has a power within each of us. In other words, Muhammad believed we can achieve and succeed in life while expressing our values. For example, professional athletes have a strong passion in their sports. Or, a musician can express their beliefs through music. Muhammad understood to reach the top of any particular field, inner power was everything when it came to being successful. If a person didn’t have the heart to achieve, eventually their drive to pursue goals would run out.

It was as if he had unlimited energy and drive. He was truly special and unique in his own way.

Muhammad Ali believed it was necessary to experience conflict so that we can reach higher life-long personal growth. In addition, Muhammad faced issues of being drafted into Vietnam what he had to face tremendous adversity. Many people didn’t respect his refusal at first for what he believed wasn’t right of being drafted into the military. However, years later people understood Muhammad’s actions and why he thought it wasn’t right to be forced into service.

Like most people, Muhammad Ali valued respect. Respect creates a mutual bond between one individual with another and that is important in life. Muhammad strongly believed without holding the value of respect, we cannot prosper as human beings nor as a larger purpose. If we’re ever going to learn how to grow maturely, we need to know how respect one another. Muhammad learned through his fighting matches that yes we’re emotional beings, but we must always being mindful of respecting each other.

Muhammad Ali knows a champion needs self-drive to each beyond expectations.

A video from Valuetainment that captures the ethical beliefs and values that Muhammad Ali believed in. As we grow older, we should never stop searching for what’s right ethically and how we can apply ourselves. Furthermore, if we want to take the next step into living a beautiful life, we need critical values. Muhammad was able to achieve his success through believing in his values and work ethic. What is stopping you from achieving the abundant life you deserve? Is there a way to change your circumstances? Of course there is a way to change anything we want in this world. However, it’s up to us to seek higher ground of learning. We should understand and reflect that our values can ultimately shape our vision of how life can be. Simply put, you’re in control of what you believe in and that can make the difference in failure and success.

With developing values and increasing our ethical beliefs, we can make a significant impact to life. Muhammad Ali success came through many forms other than his remarkable boxing career. However, this type of success may not always be the case in other peoples lives. Move pass your situation, increase your ethical values, and never fall into the traps of unethical values. People may question you for trying to change your inner beliefs, but don’t let that stop you. Everyone has their opinion so embrace all opinions and move past them. Lastly, Muhammad believed in himself in being the best and you can too.

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