Motivation Poem: Dreams

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We should all be dreamers. Dreaming to be who we want to be is the key to having a beautiful future.

Strive for higher and strive for more,

Keep going higher and climb further,

To the top we go to the top we reflect,

With reflection come’s your goals and your goals comes your potential,

Seek your full potential and seek more,

To the top we go to the top we reflect, don’t let the top fear you,

Let your fear pass and embrace your goals,

When we go higher we see more and more of life,

More of what we can do, the More of what a beautiful world we live in,

Your potential is there, to the top we go to the top we reflect,

To reach our full potential, it’s right there in your eyes.

The goals that we all have come from anything we desire, but most importantly through the dreams that we have, we see a sudden change of growth that comes with our dreams. It is not from us that makes us grow but it is difficulty of the dream that makes us stretch to unspeakable levels of creating the unique vision and dream that we all have in embedded within our selves.

The video called “Remember Your Dream” was created by Ahmed Ismail. The video goes into depth with the importance of never letting go of your dreams and keeping the vision of your dream alive while you continue to grow into your full potential.

Keep your goals alive and never let go of them.

Our potential is massive because our dreams correlate to making our potential grow to new heights and allowing us to see how far we can go through during the most difficult trials that we may face. Lastly, see the potential that you have because you have the strength and desire to succeed in everything!

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