Motivation Poem: You Are Special

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We are all special by heart. With our uniqueness, we can do anything.

There isn’t anyone like you, through dust to rain to rain to all else,

With unique features that only you have,

You were created with a purpose,

A purpose unlike any other, with your purpose in life,

No matter what unlike anything else,

You are in control, control of what you do,

Anything you want to do, you can do all and accomplish anything,

Amazing is just a word, you are beyond special.

Whether you came from a bad past, outcome, relationship, tragedy, or life event, you are incredible. It doesn’t matter what you dealt with as no matter what, you are still a special individual. You may of been disliked in your school, ridiculed by your co-workers, or disliked by your family. However, you are no matter what, an individual created with special qualities that can do the impossible. You can overcome the relentless challenges put forth by predicaments, and survive the unthinkable of issues you must succeed in.

A fantastic and informative video created by Younes Marxieu, talks about how we are born to succeed no matter that obstacles or challenges we can face in our lives.

Disappointment comes with life’s territory, but that doesn’t mean it’s the end of the world. We all faced at some point in our lives a failure, a set back, or a unforeseen event that has shocked us. However, no matter what the case, we are all special. Don’t let the people around you say otherwise of who you are. You’re a creative person designed to make this world a better place. Furthermore, you’re meant to share your talents for the world and to help others acknowledge their own abilities. Each of us are radiating with energy that when used correctly, can inspire others to achieve unthinkable milestones.

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