Motivation Poem: The Human Spirit

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Our spirit can get us through all obstacles that man has tried to stop us with.

When there’s challenges, where there’s obstacles,

When there’s things you have no control of,

The human spirt is there, your life has meaning,

Our minds has purpose, we can live life the way we want,

And with the human spirit you can do all what you want,

Allow yourself to become resilient, be able to overcome all,

With the human spirit, you are unbreakable,

We are incredible, there’s a reason why we’re here,

The human spirit is there.

Often at times, we underestimate how truly capable we are with accomplishing our goals and dreams. Furthermore, our human spirit is something to be underrated since many people are unsure of this hidden power. We have the ability to manifest our greatness into an unstoppable force that can knock down all obstacles. In addition, our path towards our success in make us understand that it’s an experience that makes us better. Our spirt comes from within and when we combine our mind with the strength of our spirit, we are unstoppable.

The human spirit can defy all odds.

Stephen Richards once said, “Minds are like flowers, they only open when the time is right”. Don’t get discouraged when things are not working out the way it’s oppose to be because of the circumstances you’re in. We all have powerful spirits that can create positive outcomes during negative situations. Furthermore, our continued efforts make successful accomplishments from goals that were first thought as complete failures.

Our spirit is powerful. Look at each day as a new beginning to embark in the process of what you want in life. You have the power to control anything that happens to your destiny so don’t become disappointed. Lastly, enjoy the twists and unforeseen events that happen because that’s what makes life beautiful.

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