Motivation Poem: Effort Is Excellence

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Effort is the secret behind accomplishing everything that you want in life.

Effort is the ability to go on,

Work by passion,

Failure by success,

Progress by growth,

Breakthrough by accomplishment,

Success by milestones,

Turns yourself into,

The relentless excellence,

You strive for,

But you must put forth,

The drive from within,

Second by minute,

Minute by hour,

Hour by day,

Day by week,

Week by month,

Month by year,

Everyday you must,

For that you are toning,

Your excellence in life,

Of the effort you put forth,

You are incredible individual,

Put all out effort in the things you do.

Our effort determines on how far we progress in life and what direction we will be heading in the future. Depending on how much effort we put into what we want, our dreams will continue to grow. As a result, we put in more dedication with completing our dream pushes us forward to accomplish what we want. Our dreams will be difficult to complete and even harder to put the consistent effort to complete the milestones before the dream is actually in fruition. There‚Äôs simply no other way of accomplishing our goals and dreams without putting hard work into them. You see many quit because they have no drive in life, but don’t allow that be an excuse for you.

Are you putting enough effort into your dreams and goals? Are you utilizing the amount of time needed to make significant gains on your goals? We must face these questions and answer truthfully in order to get us positioned for success rather than failure. Our collective efforts each day towards what we want pays dividends in creating the future that we want to have in our lives.

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