Michael Jordan And The Will To Win

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Learn how the greatest of all time managed his way from failure to success.

Not many people could stand the rejections and failures that Michael Jordan went throughout the beginning of his basketball career. In the National Basketball Association or commonly known as the NBA, is the highest professional level an athlete can play in basketball. In addition, very few people can play at the level of NBA and fewer are able to stay in the NBA for a long career. The level of play in the NBA is very competitive and all players are extremely talented.

Michael Jordan attended Laney High School in 1978 where he had a strong passion for playing multiple sports including basketball. Michael learned very quickly as he attempted to try out for the Laney’s Varsity basketball team that life can be harsh. The Laney Varsity team cut Jordan from the team as the head coach defined his physical presence as too short. In addition, Jordan became depressed with the unfortunate news of not making the team. It would be a long road for Jordan to walk through to reach his dream to being in the NBA. However, he wouldn’t allow his failures to define his future.

Michael Jordan was determined to be one of the greatest basketball player’s ever.

Despite his failures and setbacks, Michael Jordan pursued higher goals heading to college at the University of North Carolina. Furthermore, Jordan would make the college basketball team and eventually would win a NCAA championship in 1982. Jordan would often say that “Obstacles don’t have to stop you. If you run into a wall, don’t turn around and give up. Figure out how to climb it, go through it, or work around it.” The soon-to-be living legend used his failures of the past to create successes towards his bright future that would await for him.

An incredible and inspiring video created by Mulligan Brothers Motivation offers a glimpse of the great Michael Jordan and his journey. Throughout his professional basketball career, Jordan has shown amazing performances in his basketball games. Jordan’s ability to make an significant impact in basketball championships has proven to many critics that he’s beyond legendary both on and off the basketball court.

Winners never quit. Simply be the best you can be.

After succeeding in his academic endeavors, Michael Jordan’s accomplishments in college would soon transfer into the NBA. In addition, Jordan would be drafted by the Chicago Bulls team in 1984 as the 1st round pick number 3. Jordan would make substantial success in the NBA by winning 6 Championships and achieving 5 NBA Final’s MVP’s. What Jordan was able to accomplish in his magnificent career is borderline unbelievable and what few could ever accomplish in a life time.

Michael Jordan was able to amass in his basketball career proves how anyone is capable of achieving their goals. What do you feel you want out of life? What impact do you want to make in this world? Understand that even if you failed the first, second, or even third time you tried to succeed in, you can still be successful. Don’t let your failures be your destiny; you control your own destiny.

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