David Goggins Motivation To Still Climb His Mountain

Throughout his unique experiences in the military and accomplishing all of what he has done with being an author, setting record breaking marathons, and inspiring others, David Goggins continues to set the standard and example of what people can achieve.

David Goggins isn’t unfamiliar when it comes to pushing the human body’s limits and surpassing what was deemed impossible. But throughout David’s humble beginnings, his personal challenges of upbringing to where he is today, was a David vs. Goliath story. As a teenager, David sought out his goals to try to join the military, but he had a mountain to climb due to not being physically fit and not having the aptitude to qualify for joining the military. In fact, David had to apply an tremendous amount of personal development within himself to meeting the standards of joining the military and that took not only a lot of reflection to admit he had to improve and understanding the absolute necessity of reaching his full potential. Ultimately, David’s goal was to become a United States Navy SEAL.

The video above, published by Joe Rogan on his JRE Clips YouTube channel, goes into depth with David Goggin’s transformation of developing himself to have the opportunity to become a Navy SEAL. As most people would think and to emphasize, Navy SEAL training requires a person to be both physically and mentally strong enough to surpass the training and get through the rigorous challenges that is naturally part of the toughest military training in the world. Despite the challenges, David graduated Navy SEAL training to being one of the few individuals to surpass the special operations training to becoming a Navy SEAL. The Navy SEAL training itself was just the beginning for him and his ability to serve in the military and accomplished multiple deployments in Iraq.

David Goggin’s relentless pursuit to push himself beyond his limits continued even after separating from the military; this is part of the reason what makes David so inspiring and a great example of having the mentality to achieve higher goals through determination. While many people would be satisfied with the achievements that David completed in the military, David continues to set new heights with his fitness routine, long trail runs, and goals to complete triathlon’s on consistent basis. This type of pursuit shows David’s character, his personal ambitions, and the willingness to stay discipline with himself in order to push beyond his goals for whatever else he wants to achieve in his life.

The video above, published by Andrew Huberman on his YouTube channel, interviews David Goggin’s and discovering new insights on how we can develop stronger inner strength to accomplish more of what is possible for both our present and future. What we can learn from David is that setbacks from our beginnings does not necessarily mean our future is going to be doubtful. We have to take accountability for our present situations and take charge of ownership within our actions to correct our personal challenges to do better and better even if our circumstances are not self-inflicted.

To this day, David is still climbing his own mountain even though he’s accomplished more than most people could achieve in their lifetime; it goes to show that whatever goal we completed, we need to keep climbing our own mountain as well.

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