The Inspiration

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[sc_embed_player fileurl=”″] 1. Cascade Celebration [sc_embed_player fileurl=”″] 2. Dreaming Solved [sc_embed_player fileurl=”″] 3. Dungeon Master [sc_embed_player fileurl=”″] 4. Emotion Side [sc_embed_player fileurl=”″] 5. Flow Stream [sc_embed_player fileurl=”″] 6. Flying High [sc_embed_player fileurl=”″] 7. Lonely Plato [sc_embed_player fileurl=”″] 8. My Theory [sc_embed_player fileurl=”″] 9. Odin’s Law [sc_embed_player fileurl=”″] 10. Sing Me A Song

StichRulez found his calling for music when he first heard about Deadmau5 for the first time a few years ago. “The type of music that Deadumau5 makes, is simply stunning. I never head anything like that before. It really got me thinking; why I can’t I do the same? I love music, and making my own music couldn’t get any sweeter.” In short, if you are a fan of artists such as Armin Van Buuren, Deadmau5, Skrillex, Tiesto, Mos Def and others like them, StichRulez is a must have for your collection.

His songs have captured the attention of fans from around the world and his unique delivery and knack for his melodies, make his songs the perfect backdrop for that epic party or even just an evening sitting around when you want to just relax.

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