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Welcome to StichRulez!


Hi guys, I’m StichRulez and welcome to I’m just a guy who wants to make friends from all over the world and to inspire everyone to pursue their dreams they have set out in life. I decided to make this website because I felt it was my purpose in life to motivate people to whatever goal they have, and also put a smile on their faces with my comedy/talk videos!

You may know me as the funny character in my videos named StichRulez on video networks such as: YouTube and Google. StichRulez is a character of mine that goes through a lot of funny problems with relationships, drama,  and crazy events;  he’s definitely not your average person. I also make videos that talk about a variety of topics that we can relate to or experienced in some shape or form. We all been through some bad times, problems, or we just simply want to search for some advice or another opinion. You can read my blog to keep up to date with my random thoughts of everything that I talk about and you can click here for more motivation tips, self development advice, marketing strategy’s, and how to be successful. It’s all about you guys and I hope you enjoy the videos that I make! I put my heart into making my videos, shirts, music, and blogs for everyone.

StichRulez is something that I felt could inspire and reach out to people from all over the world.  My shirts, music, games, and videos is what comes from my heart to express to everyone to never stop believing in yourself and to live life to the fullest. StichRulez is the essence of my passion and I hope you enjoy StichRulez as much as I do!


Inspire, dream, motivate, and just have fun. StichRulez!


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