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Welcome to StichRulez!


Hi guys! Welcome to StichRulez!. I’m just a guy who makes music, videos, designs, and blog posts, for people from around the world and to inspire everyone to pursue their dreams they’ve set out in life.

You may know me as the funny character named StichRulez on the video network: YouTubeStichRulez is a character that goes through funny problems with relationships, drama,  and crazy events;  he’s definitely not your average person. I also make videos that talk about life and how we all can relate in someway.  You can read my blog posts to keep up to date with the topics I discuss that range from improving your self-development to the latest trends/topics from around the web.

Have fun on the site and be sure to check out all about StichRulez!

Inspire, dream, motivate, and just have fun. StichRulez!


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